The Annenberg Foundation exists to advance the public well-being through improved communication. <home>

… While the modern computer and broadcast technology are important communications tools, they are only amplifiers and extenders of the visual image, written word, and human voice. The Foundation’s focus is not on chips and wires but rather on education, particularly public school restructuring and reform in the United States.”

“Annenberg Media is the arm of the foundation that is dedicated to the improvement of teaching by funding development and distribution of multimedia educational resources through a variety of channels. In addition to distributing the media directly to educational institutions and community agencies, the organization airs the programs on the Annenberg Channel — a free digital satellite channel — and makes its complete video collection available for no cost through broadband access to its web site, along with related activities and guides. Many of its programs are aired on PBS stations around the United States; in fact, the media unit was known previously as “The Annenberg/CPB Project” because of its close work with PBS’ parent organization.” <wiki><home>