The following top five websites were selected for having the best short (20-120 minute), interesting, and accessible ideas. Each of these sites are easy to browse, have great functionality, and are generally non-technical. I am deeply indebted to these sites and others for continually providing high quality, fascinating, and free talks that spark the imagination and infuse my life with wonder and awe.

  1. TED Talks – “group of remarkable people that gather to exchange ideas of incalculable value”
  2. Pop!Casts – annual mass media, technology and society conference held in Camden, Maine
  3. Big Think – engaging discussions and debate on contemporary issues (beta version)
  4. – delivers discourse, discussion, and debates on the world’s most interesting political, social, and cultural issues, and enables viewers to join the conversation
  5. Google Talks – Google TechTalks, Authors@Google and Miscellaneous