Blue Brain is a project, begun in May 2005, to create a computer simulation of the entire human brain, down to the molecular level.” <wiki>

The Model
The Simulation
The Future

“In July 2005, EPFL and IBM announced an exciting new research initiative – a project to create a biologically accurate, functional model of the brain using IBM’s Blue Gene supercomputer. Analogous in scope to the Genome Project, the Blue Brain will provide a huge leap in our understanding of brain function and dysfunction and help us explore solutions to intractable problems in mental health and neurological disease.

At the end of 2006, the Blue Brain project had created a model of the basic functional unit of the brain, the neocortical column. At the push of a button, the model could reconstruct biologically accurate neurons based on detailed experimental data, and automatically connect them in a biological manner, a task that involves positioning around 30 million synapses in precise 3D locations.

In November, 2007, the Blue Brain project reached an important milestone and the conclusion of its first Phase, with the announcement of an entirely new data-driven process for creating, validating, and researching the neocortical column.” <about>

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