“As we learn in this new way of the network era, we move to more nodes of related material through links from the entry node. As we understand the content of the nodes we are relating to each other comprehension emerges and we grasp ideas.Pre-Internet education relied on hierarchies like a curriculum at a grade level, structures into which nodes were embedded allowing only the order of the imposed hierarchy to be possible among the nodes. In the static knowledge of print, education could not readily build ideas up from nodes and/or connect them in their cognitive patterns. The excitement of emergent learning was absent because the natural networking of ideas is not possible in a static hierarchy.

Nodes of what is to be learned must connect for emergent learning to occur. That is why education resources closed off by having to be paid for and/or locked behind ivy walls will soon wither. The new learning of the 21st century is connective and emergent. Educational resources that are not open to participate in these processes do not participate in the openness of the global knowledge commons.” <about>