“PMOG is an experimental new online game being created by a small company called Gamelayers. The acronym stands for Passively Multiplayer Online Game. Players install an add-on (an “MMO”) to the Firefox Web browser and also create a log in name and profile on the PMOG server. When the add-on is enabled, they can encounter and create various messages and artifacts which appear as a pop-up overlay on web pages. Players compete (and cooperate) to accumulate datapoints by browsing, annotating web pages, and using tools like “mines” to remove others datapoints and “armor” to defend against attacks. The design theme is steampunk: Think high-tech Victoriana.” <wiki>

“This unconventional massively multiplayer online game merges your web life with an alternate, hidden reality. The mundane takes on a layer of fantastic achievement. Player behavior generates characters and alliances, triggers interactions in the environment and earns the player points to spend online beefing up their inventory. Suddenly the Internet is not a series of untouchable exhibits, but rather a hackable, rewarding environment!” <home>

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Passive Aggression: A new type of game turns Web surfing into all-out information warfare
(Wired, March 2008 .pdf)