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“LIFT is a series of events intended to facilitate and promote discussion about new technologies and their impact on our society. The conference happens in both Geneva (Switzerland) and Seoul (South Korea) every year, with smaller events happening all around the year.” <home>

“LIFT leads a new generation of conferences exploring the social implications of technologies in our society in a unique and tested format maximizing creativity and networking. It is a three-day experience built upon:

  • workshops and open stage talks, proposed and selected by LIFT participants
  • keynote speeches and panels with world renowned experts
  • artistic activities offered to facilitate networking and innovative thinking, allowing attendees to play and create to keep their mind fresh and meet others.” <about>

Past talks have included:

  • Paul Barnett, “MMO’s, movies, las vegas, and golf”
  • Kevin Marks, “Google’s Open Social”
  • Robin Hunicke, “The Modern Age of Gaming”
  • Jonathan Cabiria, “Virtual Environments and Social Justice”
  • Cory Doctorow, “Digital Rights Management”
  • And many, many more!

Complete video list of conference speakers can be found here.



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